Saturday, 2 July 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - April -Branching Out

I started off really well with this challenge but it was not long before the day job got in the way and I got behind. So I have manged to get each of the months done but not necessarily in the right month!

April's theme was "Branching Out" and I decided to look at trees and their shapes and bark etc. The above picture was taken at Anglesey Abby which is at Lode in Cambridgeshire, which is not far form where my parents live. They are silver birch and I think it must have been during the Autumn one year. I took the photograph and then printed it out on photo fabric which is paper backed fabric which can then go through the printer. The paper can then be peeled off and the fabric used for a range of items and stitches can be added.

In this sketch I have used water colour pencils and a paint brush to create a picture of leaves. Not sure if this has a very good link with branching out but doing a picture like this was branching pout for me in terms of the type of picture I was drawing.

I used a water resistant black pen to highlight the detail on the leaves.

I did a total of about 6 pages for this theme but these are the best ones and one of the pictures would not load which was not very helpful!

. May's theme is resist and I have some pages to show for these. Tomorrow I shall post the giveaway prize as I have look at the suggestions and made a couple of items to fit. So hopefully it will be of interest to many of you.

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