Monday, 25 July 2011

One of those Days..............

I dropped Sophie off at school today which is always enjoyable as I do not usually get the chance to do this as I start work earlier and hubby takes her in.

I then drove to Truro in search of my glasses, they were not at the building society so a little bit of panic set in so off to the Post Office which was the only other place we had been on Saturday. Just outside Truro Cathedral were lots of students all dressed up in their graduation robes ready to receive their degrees. It has been 17 years since I had my graduation, awful things those silly hats but you need to do it, to mark the end of the course and the start of the next phase.

I spoke to a very nice lady in the Post Office who remembered the bag I described, dashed off and came back with my glasses! Success.

Now, because I had arranged to met up with a colleague in school to do some planning for next year I dashed back to the car with the glasses and case in my hand bag and it was not until after our meeting that I put them on. I have been wearing my grotty spare pair you see. I tried them on in the shop to start with and they were fine as I was asked to look at the assistant so they could be checked for fit and that they were straight etc.. For a few seconds really, so it was not until I actually used them at work today that I realised that they had put the WRONG LENSES IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They did seem a bit different at the time but I put that down to the fact that they were clean lenses and not scratched anymore. I was not actually reading or looking at anything.

I have two sets of glasses, one for everyday use and another pair for close up work and threading needles etc. I was very clear that it had to be the everyday pair NOT the extra strength set. I remember that this was not noted down at the time. Guess which ones I ended up with?

That's right another pair of the extra strong ones.

I ring from work and finally get a lady on the other end to understand what has happened and my bloody mobile runs out of charge!

So I pick up Sophie, drive home and ring again. Spoke to a young chap this time and he could see what had happened and he was not even there for the original sale. Therefore, I will have to drive to Truro again tomorrow to change the lenses and go again on Wednesday to pick them up again.

Ok folks, at what point should I have given up with this charade?

If I had put them on straight away I would have.....................

*Not left them in the Post Office


*Would have seen that there was a problem with the lenses.

I didn't because they were wrapped up and put in a gift bag, for goodness sake!

The first few days of my summer break have been more stressful that the last term put together.

Please my bloggy friends tell me it can only get better?

It does not sound a big deal but a 30 mile round trip each time, parking and petrol, these glasses should be embossed with gold.

However, it is a glorious day today and I really do hope that it stays like this (and rains at night as the groudn does need it) as Sophie finishes at lunch time tomorrow and is really looking forward to playing in the garden every day.


I have heard from Inkberryblue concerning the giveaway winners but where is Linda. I have not had a reply yet so I shall give it a few more days then I shall pick another runner up.


Toffeeapple said...

It will get better, truly it will. But how frustrating for you, expensive too.

Mad about Craft said...

Glasses are too expensive as it is and it is a nightmare without them!!!

Carol said...

Oh dear! Glad you got them back even if they are the wrong ones, at least you can get them changed and not have to pay out for another pair.
Hopefully you have got all the 'holiday hassle' out of the way now and the rest of your summer will be totally stress free.
Carol xx

Indigo Blue said...

Thank you ladies. It is supposed to be another sunny day tomorrow too.

Tatkis said...

Don't give up, Andrea! It would be better, for sure!
And may be there is a place in Truro you would like to visit too? Bakery, or craft shop? ;) just to receive some positive emotions from your visit!


The Garden Bell said...

Hey Sweet Thing... please if I got concerned about typos and what I was saying in my posts, I would never blog. Keep doing what you are doing, I read right over the typos as I know each blogger and what they are trying to say anyways. Who the heck cares? I tend to walk right away for those critical ones. Hang in there, we hope you are back up and running real soon. I know how frustrating it can be.


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