Sunday, 24 July 2011

Giveaway Winners.......

My giveaway pictures are on the laptop that is being fixed so I thought that a lovely picture that I took in June would do. I have made a range of cards with many of the flower pictures that I have taken recently and sold them at work.

So, there were 21 entries, which is 4x the number that entered the Royal Wedding giveaway. Also some new followers which I am very grateful for and I have popped over and visited their blog if they have one. i shall be leaving comments too now that I have broken up for the summer and time is a bit more my own for a few weeks.

I used the number generator to help give me the winner.I used to help me.

I put in 21 which were the total number of entries and the number given out is.......

16: Inkberryblue

Well done and could you please send me your snail mail address.

Due to a higher number of entries and it is summer and I think it would be fun to have an unexpected second prize and the number generator gave number......

5: Linda Gilbert

So well done Linda and could you also send me your snail mail address.

I am going away at the end of the week so I would like to send your prizes before I go What is the prize? Something nice from my stock of items.

A good day today so work in the garden for us today.


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Tatkis said...

Great news- congratulations to winners!

Best wishes,

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