Friday, 10 June 2011

Royal Cornwall Show - Animal Magic

I have to say that the weather has not been too kind to us today but never mind.

We took a bus load of Year 10 to the Royal Cornwall show from the Catering and Textile courses and they are given tasks and aims for the day. We did spend the day dodging showers, some of which were very heavy indeed. There is so much to see that I am going to split it into a couple of posts. This one is for the animals.

Llamas. Quite large animals and their fleece is used to create knitting yarn. Rather expensive yarn but very soft. I was going to buy a ball but £7.99 did put me off and there was not enough to make much with just a ball.
One of the Llamas above looks like he has no head but I can assure you that all animals had their heads, he just moved at the wrong time.
There were many breeds of pigs being shown and judged and as I was looking round all of the pens and found this chap having a much needed snooze! I wonder what pigs dream about? He was massive by the way!
Now Alpacas make me laugh and I still wonder if they are part of the camel or giraffe family. These ones had just been sheered, they have very long skinny necks and when they swallowed some of their food, you could see it go all the way down!
The wool from these animals if ever so soft and the garments are lovely and one year I will splash out and buy something, but I did not see anything I liked. There was a little cardigan last year but they did not have any this time.
I did buy some wool last year but I will confess that I do not wear it has gone, a mission for tomorrow.
He looked my way just at the right time. They are quite cute animals and they were getting a lot of attention.
I was surprised to see camels there and when I got home and watched the local television news programme they had a feature on these same camels and they were there to give a demonstration on camel polo!! I would never have guessed that at all. It did all look a bit clumsy and the riders needed extra long polo sticks and they used a large red football instead of the usual polo ball. The riders are quite high up so hitting a little polo ball would be almost impossible!
By the time I got home my legs really ached and I was worn out but it was a good day all round.
Tomorrow we shall have a look at the flower show which always attracts many many people.


Toffeeapple said...

Llamas, Alpacas and Camels all spit so I'm not that keen on them but the yarn from Alpacas is the best thing I have ever knitted with. I did like the pig though, you know where you are with a pig, though your can't shear them...

Pomona said...

I rather wanted some alpacas to protect my hens from foxes, but my husband vetoed the idea!

Pomona x

Carol said...

Llamas are cute, fell out with camels when one of them spat at me many years ago.
I do like the country shows.
Carol xx

Tatkis said...

All the animals are so cute, but Alpacas are my favourites :))) funny things!
Thanks for sharing!


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