Sunday, 26 June 2011

Gadget Case Workshop

Here is a sample of the 25 plus gadget cases that we made last Wednesday with a large group of Year 9 students (they are 13/14 years old). The aim was to quickly design and make a cover for a gadget of their own choice. Many came prepared with the item to make a cover for.

My trusty TA and I geared ourselves for another busy day.

Many of the ideas came straight form their heads and us two had a job keeping up with it at one point. Ideas sometimes outshine ability with the old machine, if you see what I mean.

There was a range of fabrics that they could choose from and we had a pretty much even split of boys and girls.
Some had been to the Monster making the day before and they certainly got off to a quicker start having learnt that a whole day is not as long as you might think!
A couple of shapes were on offer and a selection of fastenings all the students needed to do was to adjust the basic shapes in terms of dimension.
Own ideas and additional touches such as the false buttons above were encouraged so that they did not all look the same.

No two turned out the same.

Bright buttons were used everywhere and all went home


As for us two?

Absolutely worn out and a room that looked like a tornado had rushed through, but very satisfying all the same!

Many thanks for the Giveaway ideas, a packaging for being formulated.

Have a good week


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