Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Glendurgan Gardens - Cornwall

A lovely weekend always makes want to go and visit some National Trust places. So at the Glendurgan Gardens had been developed over the past 180 years and is known for its trees and shrubs. It lies near the Helford River and the village of Durgan.

The picture above is taken on the beach at Durgan village.

The fox family lived and worked in Falmouth, and fishing was one of their business interests. Alfred Fox liked Durgan because of the fish and shellfish that landed there. The Fox family were Quakers and keen gardeners and developed the gardens near Durgan village.
When we walked down from the house to Durgan village we decided to buy and ice cream and I saw this stone sculpture outside a front door. The village has about 20 cottages, which were originally almost entirely lived in by fishermen. The Falmouth Bay and Helford River are still known for their pilchards, mackerel, lobster and crabs.

The gardens are very extensive and half of it is in full sun and the other half has some shade. It was one of the hottest days so far but lovely. Plenty of sun cream all round and Sophie had her umbrella for extra shade.

I used my little canon for these pictures and considering I could not really see what I was taking they seemed to turn out really well. I do think that I need an update on my eye testing though!

There is a wonderful maze which Sophie and hubby had to have a go in. I watched , it was far more entertaining. The hedges are not too high partly of cutting but also enabling children to play in it without getting scared or lost. The maze was planted by Alfred Fox in 1833 using Cherry Laurel. It is cut so neatly as well.

The gardens were given to the National Trust in 1962. With the 6th generation of the Fox Family still living at Glendurgan, the gift to the National Trust has enabled the spirit of conservation and innovation created by Alfred Fox to continue.

Sophie and hubby having a little rest in this up-turned boat in a shady spot.

This was a lovely day out and the fact they we can visit places such as these on our own door step is an added bonus. So if you are visiting Cornwall this summer this is one place you should try and see. Bring a towel as you could take a paddle on the beach in Durgan Village. Weather permitting we shall be off to another visit this coming weekend, just not sure where to go as yet.

More inforamtion about this garden and othe rplaces to visit can be found HERE.



Toffeeapple said...

What a lovely day out. I should like to own an up-turned boat in a leafy glade like that one.

Tatkis said...

Beautiful pictures! I love the one with labirinth!
Great day :)


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