Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - March

At the beginning of the Easter Holidays Sophie and I got out all of our paints and decided to spend a day playing. I mixed this up with putting some washing on etc, but you get the idea of the kind of day we wanted.

The above is part of the March theme for the sketchbook challenge. Not sure what I was trying to do here to be honest, mainly because I was having a bit of a problem with the theme spilling over.

I used these aquacolour which i really love, the colours are very vivid and can be used on a wide range of papers but I have also used them on fabric too. I have had them for years and they featured quite highly whilst doing my City and Guild's.

They can be purchased in smaller sets, the colours can be blended together are easier to use than oil pastels but can have the look of them.

Oh, I am so dreadfully behind with my sketchbook challenge pages! Here is the theme for March which was Spilling over.

Here I have used lots of watercolours and let the paints all "spill over" into each other. I then went of the top with a black drawing pens using flowing lines and words linked to the theme.

On this one I splattered watered down paints and once this had dried I dripped melted wax crayons onto the page again to go with the theme of the month. I used to do this a lot at college and enjoyed trying this again after such a long time.

April's theme was branching out and I am going to do this as well. I really do wish I could devoted more time at once for this type of thing as snatching 15 minutes here or 20 minutes there is just so dis-jointed that any kind of creative flow is lost. Never mind, got to pay the mortgage somehow eh?

Suddenly it is Friday again. Is it really a week ago since THE wedding.

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Take care all



Rachael said...

The idea of melting wax crayons sounds soooo fun!

Indigo Blue said...

It is good fun. I just use cheap kids crayons and extra long matches.

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