Friday, 1 April 2011

Cupcakes Galore

After my sewing session on Wednesday evening I popped to the supermarket and bought some baking supplies.

Thursday night I was a bit of a naughty girl and did not do any work for the day job, but instead spent the evening in the kitchen. At work on Fridays we take it in turns to take in some cakes to have at morning break. It originally started when we realised that we could go all week without actually seeing or talking to each other. Not healthy really when you need to get on with your colleagues, so this was a simple idea to address that.

You can buy or make, no pressure it is up to the individual. I tend to do a bit of both.

Cupcakes are my main make although other now do these as well. The above piping tips are from Lakeland plastic and are by far the best I have found so far. Sorry about the picture, had a bit of a struggle with blogger here and guess who won? I buy cheaper bags so that I can cut them but I do recommend good nozzles. The pink sugar flower is also from Lakeland and again the best I have found so far, 12 for £1.99. I buy the butter icing as tastes vary when you make your own and I have had no complaints yet. I did add some lemon and orange jelly slices to the top by making a slit in the centre and putting a slight twist in it. The flower added a little something and a little vanilla flavouring too in the sponge mix. Eastery colours I thought too.
I also used polka dot cases from lakeland too. They are slightly thicker than ordinary cases and I have found that they prevent the base of the cupcake from drying out too much in the oven.
I am always wanting to try and find something different. Many of you may recognise the above cases from IKEA.

I bought some ages ago and tried them not realising that you could buy......

one of these special tins to go with them. So my first attempt was not great. They rose but expanded somewhat and looked a bit like fat biscuits!

When I visited again in February I tracked one these baking trays down and bought one. It is a very strong, heavy and solid tray which is just what I like. What a difference to the outcome!

I used the same recipe as for the cupcakes, which is in my side bar if you want to try it. I just added some coca powder to make chocolate versions. A little butter icing and a sugar flower on top. These went down really well but it was the shape and the overall appearance that was noted too. Sophie has put an order in for these for her birthday this year.

The pink contrasting with the brown of the chocolate I think.

Sophie was in bed when I made these so I put one of these in the fridge for her lunch the following day.

I also made a version of rocky road which I shall post tomorrow with a run down of the ingredients that I used. I really enjoyed making these and I would really like to be able to do an evening class in cake making/decorating but so many adult classes are now being stopped it is like gold dust trying to find anything now.

I shall have to keep buying the odd book and using the Internet I think.

It is glorious sunshine today here in Cornwall, I have so much marking to do I am not sure where to start but I think an hour outside is still a must.

What have you baked recently?

Let us know by adding a comment and a link if you have added it to your own blog or site and maybe share some ideas.



Fenland Textile Studio said...

My vanilla cup cakes have just come out of the oven, chocolate icing ordered! Might try those Lakeland nozzles as the ones I have been using just don't work well. Sunshine here on the east as well. Off to Exeter next week to teach, fairly (?!) near to you.

Carol said...

Those cupcakes look delicious, you have taken so much care over the presentation, lovely.
No baking this week, but my last "make" was Lucy's Cranberry Tiffin however, I didn't have any pecans (substitued almonds and walnuts) and only a few digestives (supplemented with shortbread). I only use one tablespoonful of syrup. Very nice it is too.
Carol xx

Cozy in Texas said...

These look delightful. I came across a recipe for a pina colada cake and that was wonderful. There are a few recipes on the internet but the one I used was: In a 9 x 13 pan make a white cake. While warm poke holes and pour on a whole can of condensed milk then pour on 1/2 can of whisked Coco Lopez (found in the drinks aisle) For the frosting mix the other half of Coco Lopez (whisked to get it an even consistency) with cool whip and spread on the cooled cake. Sprinkle with coconut. Yum.

Lynn said...

Yummy! Your cupcakes are awesome!

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