Monday, 11 April 2011

April in Bloom - Sunday

The Easter Holidays have now started and the weather has so far been very good to us. I have been sitting in the garden finishing off some work for the day job. Whilst pausing I noticed just how much the garden has changed over the past two weeks, Hubby asked next door if we could have a good prune at the hedge, it is getting out of control and our veggie patch is not getting any light. It is their boundary and you have to be so careful what you do. They said yes, so on Sunday he was up a ladder pruning a good couple of feet off the top of it and we now have much more light on that section of the garden. He took down a bit of the fir trees while he was at it. There are loads of Camellia bushes which have now developed into a rather attractive hedge and Sophie and I salvaged some for the vase. I bought this Rhododendron about 12 years ago and it bloomed once and that was it. I decided that this year was make or break, threatened to bin it and look!!! Lovely blooms everywhere. It now needs a much bigger pot, so I am now on the look out for one.
It has bloomed even more since these pictures were taken.
A very delicate pink. Huge flower heads. There were loads of these in the grounds of the hotel we got married in which is one of the reasons why we bought it on the first place. A memory of the day.
The Azalea is not being outdone, also quite an old plant and a bit of an odd shape, but looking great none the less.
The Japonica, of which I have three and these need little attention apart from a prune, have also been doing really well. There seems to be a bit of a pink theme going on, not deliberate but lovely all the same.

What is blooming in your garden?

I began this post but got side tracked so it is a few days late.

Many thanks for the recipe suggestions and hopefully this week I shall be able to look at these further. I simple must make my batch of marmalade which has been on the cards for months!!


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Carol said...

You garden sounds lovely, our soil is quite limey so no camellias or rhododenrons but our magnolia still does well (sadly yesterdays wind and shower didn't do the petals much good!).
The white lilac is just opening, some daffodils are going over but others have just opened, tulips and forget-me-nots are looking beautiful, peonies in bud, helleores have mainly finished but some still in full flower, aquilegias are sending up their stems ...... I do so love this time of year!
Carol xx

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