Wednesday, 16 March 2011

New Lunch Bag

I popped into Boots on Saturday for some Calpol for Sophie and saw this lunch bag. I have bought a lunch bag from Boots before and it was promoting recycling because it was made out of a plastic bottle, was washable and could be recycled again as a fabric.
It was the red roses that caught my eye at first and the handy size, you can fit a small bottle of water in this one.

What I really liked this time was the fact that buying this lunch bag helped to raise funds for MacMillan Cancer Support. It cost only a £1.00 and I think 49p (the ticket explaining this has vanished) goes to the Charity.
This seemed even more appropriate to help by paying for this little bag because a good friend of mine has just been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.
So if you are going to a branch of Boots in the near future keep and eye open for these, handy for taking lunch to the office, school etc and helping a very good cause at the same time.
Take care


Tatkis said...

Beautiful lunch bag, I love roses!

Best wishes,

Carol said...

They are also doing star shaped keyrings, again for Macmilland nurses. I got some so I could pop them in with birthday gifts, 3 colours, not that easy to find, in boxes near some of the tills.
I think I might get some of the pretty bags too, could put gifts into them.
Hope your friend is doing ok.
Carol xx

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