Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Cushion Comforts - Purple

I have taken part in a couple of ill fated patchwork swaps and they both happened to be in purple. So these squares have been hanging around for a while. So, whilst trying to explain what a 9 patch cushion was to a student I decided to finally make these squares into a cushion. It will live up in the attic conversion which has my sewing cabinet in it and is sort of called the "sewing room" and is it only a question of time before Toffy sits on it!
The sections met up quite well and I used some purple thread and some of the built in stitches to stitch down the seams to add a little bit of detail.

This make goes towards my March OPAM makes of which there have not been many finishes due to most projects at the moment not being very fast to finish.

I made a corsage too but the picture will not come out very well so I shall add that tomorrow.

Many thanks for visiting.



picciolo said...

it's very pretty, and looks cosy too!
: )

Tatkis said...

Beautiful cushion, and I like purple colors you used!

Best wishes,

Twiggy said...

Very pretty, lovely colours
twiggy x

Indigo Blue said...

It was nice to make something and quick and simple but looked good. I have always enjoyed making cushions.

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