Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sophie has joined the Brownies!!

It is not all completely official, no ceremony etc, but we have paid the fees and bought some second hand uniform and waiting for a new top to arrive in the post, but she has been going for a few weeks now and loves it.
She has already made a lantern and taken part in a lantern parade to the local church for a service. This week is family quiz night which hubby and I are going to attend too. Then there is another event on the 20th February, so we have hit the ground running with this.
It took me back to when I was Sophie's age and as with everything, it seems at the moment, it has all changed.
So a quick trip down my memory lane........
I tried to find a picture of the uniform that I would have worn when I was a Brownie on the internet, no actual pictures of me I am afraid, and this was the nearest I could find. I really hated wearing the woolly hat as it always kept sliding upwards! Too small perhaps, I do not know.

I was in Imps and moved up to being a seconder and then sixer as time went on. I still have most (I am not sure if they are all here or not) of the badges that I earned.

Above is my Brownie Promise badge, it is about about 33 years old!!! Looks as good as new too.

This pictures shows the badges that I earned.

Starting top left as you look at them. Homemaker, Cooks badge, First Aider, Collectors badge, birthday badge, Hostess badge and country dancer (I think).

Venture Badge. I cannot remember what I did to get this.

Pathfinders badge. Again I am not sure how I earned this. Too long ago to remember now.

However, I do not know which badge this is. Highway badge is sort of ringing a bell, any ex-Brownies out there who might remember?

I would now what the meant if I still had the above book, but so many years have passed and several house moves has put paid to that.

I have found a website which has many Brownie and Girl Guide badges etc both past and present. You might want to pop over and take a look at Collectables and Gifts.

I was only in the Brownies for a short time and I am glad that I kept these badges as Sophie has enjoyed looking at them and getting around, yet again, the fact that Mummy was once a little girl just like her.

Girl Guides next......



Twiggy said...

Brilliant, I was never in the Brownies but it does look good fun. Twiglet is fancying joining the Beavers this year. Hope Sophie has a fab time
Twiggy x

Jill Eudaly said...

I was a Brownie and a leader as an adult. All 3 of my girls were in scouts. Eva is looking at Girl Scout camps for the summer...we live next door to one. They have a good horse camp for 2 nights, just right for a 9 year old. We just got done will our cookie sale. I was the cookie mom last year..100 cases of cookies that 1,200 boxes. I didn't volunteer this year.
Have fun!

pinkfluffywarrior said...

I remember that brown uniform! *shudders* You've taken me back 26ish years. I was in sprites. I do hope your little girl has tons of fun!

Jennie said...

oooo blast from the past! Those pics are amazing. I had most of all that too. (I remember having similar hat problems) I couldn't wait to be a guide because they had much better hats. The only badge I remember doing was the 'Hostess' badge although I had many others. It was a shame we had to give them back when we left, I would have liked to keep them.
My daughter has being going to guides, although as of this year she is too old and is thinking of starting Rangers. xx

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