Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sketchbook Challenge - Opposites

The theme for the month of February is "Opposites". A good theme to do but finding the time this month has been really difficult! Very frustrating and I have a feeling that March is not going to be much better either, but we shall see how it goes.

The theme will change as we go into March but I shall stick with Opposites for a bit longer as well. I started by putting together a mindmap of different oppositesusing brown parcel paper, pens and white pencils.

My daughter also had her art stuff out on the kitchen table so I decided on a sort of collage page with a bit of rough, smooth, curved and straight lines all on one page.

On the next page I decided to carry on with the blackand white opposite theme and played around with textured paper, watercolour paints, black pen and straight and curvey lines. Just played around with the theme to be honest, no real plan in place at all.

Close up of textured paper and paints.

The final page that I have created so far is the one above. This is a mark making page using opposite shapes and trying not to put similar shapes near each other. Again the black and white theme has been used. I now want to move on to opposites using more colour within the pages and then move gradually on to the theme for March. I was away with freinds when I did some of this so I only had a few items with me but I think they turned out ok.

Well work for the day job is calling. More tomorrow. Must dash.


1 comment:

rita jean said...

That's kina neat! I like the first mindmap sketch. It looks like it was fun!

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