Monday, 14 February 2011

Hats off to....

Happy Valentine's Day.
You may remember lat month that I made my brother-in-laws wife a lacy hat for her birthday.
There is a tutorial for this in my margin on the left.
Well, two of my older students at school wanted to make one. The hat above has been made by student "A", who has never knitted before in her entire life!! After a couple of sessions and a crash course in knitting this is what she produced. I am tickled pink with this. These to young ladies should do well in life, they listen, follow instructions, want to learn new things and are such nice girls, a credit to their parents.

The other hat went home to show Mum and Dad and was forgotten which is why it is not in the picture.

This week we decided to make a flower to add a little touch and used flower looms similar to the one shown below.
Again I only had to show them quickly and they were off and away. I have left my looms at school as I think that we shall be making some more of these.

It was made with quite thick wool so it did not take very long at all.

Of course we all had to have a go!!

These are some others that we made that afternoon. The centre one is crocheted which we thought we would leave until another time. They want to improve their knitting first.

I have been so delighted with ho w they have stuck at this and not given up. We are meeting up again tomorrow along with three younger students.

They have asked if they could tackle making a knitted bag and half term is next week so perfect for hunting down some wool.

During half term I hope to do a tutorial for the flower loom as they are fun to use and ideal for younger knitters.



Lisa said...

that is so pretty! lucky sister-in-law!!
have a great week

Cozy in Texas said...

Love the flowers. I've been working on knitted flowers. Take a look at my new blog.
Daisies and Buttercups

wonderwoman said...

that is brilliant for her first go, she must be thrilled.


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