Saturday, 19 February 2011

Crazy Crochet Ideas

I love looking at Craftzine and over two years ago I subscribed to it online so that alerts are sent to me to go and see new articles. I would never have thought in a million years to think up this idea for bikes. They look so colourful and I would love to know what they look like when the bike is moving, a bit like a colour spinner perhaps?

Now this idea looks like a real possibility for me actually making one. I have a stool very similar to this which is quite uncomfortable to sit on after a while when sewing, so a cushion was always in the pipeline. I really like this crochet version, I have never tried granny stitch in a circle. I may just crochet a circle in a variegated wool or stripes. Cool though, I really like it.

I found this picture months ago on google images. Must have taken ages to make this. It is very elegant and seems a pity that it may be rained on. I love the interent for finding this kind of inspiration and see what others are creating.

I am still crocheting my smaller blanket and I really must try and finish it this week so that I can move onto the two quilts that are half made.

I have started the flower loom tutorial and I bought some wool today to begin the bag that I am making along with some of my older students at school. Lots of WIP's....again but it keeps me out of trouble!

I am sitting at the kitchen table as I type this whilst my daughter and two freinds are making jewellery using Hammer beads and watching Octonoughts on childrens TV. There is dough making in the bread maker and then they will make their own pizzas for tea. Followed by playing and eventually, sometime, they will fall asleep. I wish I was 8 years old again.


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wonderwoman said...

o i know what you mean - i'd love to be 8 again, all that playtime and no housework!!!


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