Sunday, 20 February 2011

Collection update...

Regular readers will now that I have been collecting powder compacts for quite some years now. It all started off with a double mirror compact that I found at my very first Antique Fair in Plymouth. Before Sophie came along hubby and I used to like visiting Antique Fairs during a Sunday afternoon. Sophie enjoys them too now and again but time in general seems to be against us as well, so we do not visit very many any more.
At Christmas I was given a box filled with compacts that my Mother-in-Law must have spent hours searching, bidding, buying and watching out for the postman, so that I could add them to my collection.

This first one is by KIGU and I a gold tone compact with a very detailed pattern on the lid. It has a good clip and is perfect inside.

As you can see it is lovely inside, it looks almost new!

Now, this one is very unusual indeed. It is a musical compact which shows a water wheel and wheel house set in the countryside. There is a little texture on the lid when you touch it.

Again, the inside is excellent and you can see the winder for the musical part of the compact. Then the lid which would contain the powder. This compact is made by Glover, a make that I have not heard of before. Could be one to research into more.

This silver tone compact has a very unusual pattern on the lid.

On the inside the word Mexico has been stamped into the compact which is hallmarked as silver on entry to this country. There is a number which might be worth typing into Google. The decoration is carried on inside of the compact too.
The pattern is even on the under side of the powder lid too. This is an extremely nice powder compact, it is quite heavy but fits nicely in your hand to use, (and I have quite small hands). a lovely addition to my collection.

I bought this guide to collecting years ago and it has been really useful to spot items at Antique Fairs or online. Many of the makers names of the compacts that I was given are in the book, but not any of the actual compacts themselves. I did see one once at a Fair but it was in a dreadful condition.

This is just a few of the contents of this lovely present. I shall add the rest tomorrow, I need to change some of the pictures and I am quite keen to go and google the Mexican compact. I shall be back tomorrow and maybe with some additional information.

Have a great week.



Rachael said...

Lovely collection, I have that book too along with some American books and they are a godsend. Love the musical one - very pretty indeed.

Twiggy said...

oooo very pretty
Twiggy x

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