Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Final Christmas Quilt Block

Due to a range of reason, some personal some not, I have decided to stop taking part in the Christmas Quilt Bee. The main reason being that my quilt stayed for 3 months with the same person and despite prompting from the host it did not move!
However time was given to other swaps etc but clearly not to my quilt. I do not agree with naming and shameing but there was always a get out clause of if passing the quilt on without a new block would help to keep it all moving then do so and no one would think less of them. this is not happen. Due to personal reasons the host has had to drop out so I have decided to do the same. Ironically, my quilt has since moved on to the next person and I now need to try and get in touch with the new person and ask them to send it to me with or without their block.
It is a big disappointment but the first Bee took 14 months and this one was meant to be done before Christmas, we started in March/May time. I have learnt so much and if it was not for these Bee's I would not have tried the blocks that I have tried, it has taken me out of my comfort zone and for that I am grateful for taking part.
So the above block is now on its way to the USA and I hope Jane likes it.


becky said...

I'm so sorry this was such a disappointing experience for you. People should not make a committment that involves so many others if they aren't going to hold up their end of the bargin... hopefullly you will get your quilt back soon... good luck!

The WoodLand School said...

I'm bummed about the swap ending, too. I'm also worried that I haven't heard *anything* about my quilt in months (even after posting a request to see who has it). Eeeeeeek!
... Courtney a/k/a Red Canoe

The WoodLand School said...

And -- I *love* this block you made for Jane!!!

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Hi Andrea:
All it takes is ONE person! I'm so sorry that you were disappointed with your Bee. I'm sure it could have been so much more fun had you not had that ONE person in the mix. Your block is beautiful and Jane is going to love it.

My last ATC swap partner never contacted me with her address. Actually, I'm glad, because I fretted that if she finally did, she wouldn't have reciprocated with a card. I've taken her off my list.

Like I said...it only takes ONE.
Love and hugs,

Twiggy said...

How disappointing, I've been involved in swaps in the past where this has happened and you sent me some lovely goodies to make up for someone elses slackness - lovely lady that you are!! Your block is lovely, I quite fancy making a quilt this year so may well be badgering you for tips !!
Twiggy x

wonderwoman said...

its a great shame that the swap had to end this way - i don't know where my quilt is either! i feel really sorry for Jane who tried so hard to get it all organised. Lets hope we all get our quilts back soon, especially as everyone worked so hard and made such gorgeous blocks.

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