Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Eden Project - Aerial View

Last weekend we decided to pop down to the Eden Project and re-new our local visitor cards. We have not been for ages, months even. There is still some sorting out to do due to the flooding a couple of months ago.
However, there is now a viewing platform (see above) that you can pay to go up to and it is high, near the top of the Tropical Biome.

I do not like heights and unless there is an angry bear chasing me I will not go, so Hubby and Sophie decided that they wanted to take a look, so I stayed on the ground, (offered the use of a bench which was nice) and Hubby took my camera to take these pictures for me.

This picture is looking down on the palms in the Tropical Biome.

This picture might give you an idea of perspective. Just above the wall is the walkway to start getting up to the platform.

This is what the surface of the steps and viewing platform looks like. Lots of holes, you can see below.....all the way down......a long way down........equals in my mind as ..........................FEAR!!!! Sorry, I shall clam down a bit now.

I can not bring myself to walk on something that does not look strong enough, I know, I know it is not rational etc but if the steps and the platform were filled then I would go up. Defeats the point a bit I suppose.

I think that this picture is lovely and I hope to perhaps use this at some point in my sketchbook.

The white ball in this picture is a balloon which has a seat attached for one person and this was used last year for maintainance and then for visitors to have a go. It was very popular so hence the platform was built.

Here, you can see how small the people are walking below to get an impression of how high this platform is, shiver, shiver!

It was a great couple of hours and then home to get changed and meet up with friends for an Indian Buffet.

The last few months have been filled with work, illness, rehearsals and then panto performances, plus the festive season. So it was good to get out without having to rush around. I find visitng Eden very enjoyable and a chance to use my camera. In this case, my new Christmas Camera.Still learning to get to grips with it.

We did go into the Mediterranean Biome but I shall save that for tomorrow. I have got some work to do for the day job.

One final picture, I really like this, pity I could not find out what the plant was called.

Take care



Chocolate Cat said...

I don't like heights either so would of been happy to stay down below!!!!

Cozy in Texas said...

Lovely pictures. This was built after I left Cornwall and I've never seen it. Maybe sometime I can get back there.

Lucy said...

Oooh, I would call it Pom Pom Plant! :) Eden Project looks amazing - really must make an effort to visit but it's at the opposite end of the country :(

Kate said...

I need to go watch BioDome now. :D

katelnorth said...

Great photos - we have booked a weeks' holiday in early August down your way, so I shall be asking you lots of questions about sites to see - both quilty and otherwise. Eden project was already on the list of course!

JuliaB said...

Lordy! I am terrified of heights .. these pics, though spectacular, are making me feel ill! Mr Marmalade, being a ladder man, would love it though. xx

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