Thursday, 6 January 2011

Crochet Crazy stripe blanket...............

Having completed my Granny blanket with the guidance of Attic24 I planned to have a go at something else. As you may remember I do not know anyone who can crochet so I am trying to teach myself with books, blog tutorials and Youtube.
I have been collecting this wool for several months...............

It is a £1.00 a ball, 50% cotton and is lovely to work with and called Kon-Tiki by Stylecraft.

I bought a range of the colours, no red unfortunately but I do not think that it will be problem in the end.
So on Christmas evening I got out my hook and made a start on it.

I have been writing down what I do as I do it so that I can do a mini tutorial , just the sizing may be of interest.

It has gradually grown and grown and I like to be able to pick it up and put it down without going wrong.

The high cotton content makes it so very soft and even though it is seems quite thin it is certainly warm on my knees.

It is still on going, not much has been done to it this week due to going back to work but it does not matter, does it?

We went to see Sophie in her panto this evening and I have to say it was really good. Due to dropping her off and picking her up I have seen the second half many times in rehearsal but not the first half. At one point I was laughing so much that I was crying.

At one point the dwarfs had to put on dressing gowns. So imagine, if you will, seven 8 year olds trying to get thin cotton dressing gowns on over their stage clothes quickly but with some of the sleeves having been left the wrong way round and saying some lines all at the same time!! I needed another tissue at this stage. It was one of those unplanned moments which is unlikely to even happen tomorrow, brilliant!

Mega slushy parent moment when Sophie came on as one of the Dwarfs, they had microphones which made it easy to hear them. The dance routine and singing that I had not yet seen were really good! We bought a programme with her name in it to go with the ballet show she took part in early last year.

Will she carry on with this? We will have to watch this space and see. By the way, there is a filmed DVD shot on Wednesday, yep, got it on order!!



Cozy in Texas said...

The crochet looks wonderful. An old lady who used to live next door to us in London taught me to crochet and I made an enormous granny square and used to work on it on the train when I was on my way to work. I ended up carrying a huge bag around with me. Now if I'd only thought about doing squares and sewing them together!!!

easy crochet blog said...

I really love the colors you chose for the blanket. I also love your crochet stitch you used. You could easily make a scarf or cowl next. I love youtube...I learn a lot with the videos. I am self taught too! Keep up the beautiful work~

Melissa said...

While reading your blog about learning to crochet I felt a kinship with you! I,too, had to use websites and videos to learn how to crochet. The website has helped me immensely! There are many free patterns, instructional pages, and videos to help you along.I have this at the top of my bookmarks list! Much luck to you in future projects!

Fenland Textile Studio said...

I love your blanket. I can knit but have never mastered crochet. It is one thing I have promised myself I will learn after my diploma. Hugs Angela

Josie said...

the blanket looks great! love the colours
Josie x

ps) did you hand quilt when you used the fleece blanket as backing? and have you got any pics?

West Michigan Quilter said...

I love the blanket you are making. You have such a nice stitch. I like to crochet but have never mastered a consistent stitch. So I just stick to dishcloths. The colors you have chosen for this blanket are lovely.

The sewing room said...

Hi thought i would stop by and say hellol,i found you via another blog. I love your blanket and i love style craft wool but i have not come across kon tiki before i am now going to look for some on the net. your daughters panto sounds great i always admire the little ones getting up on stage in front of every one,i think we must lose all our confidence as we get older. have a good week hugs Pat

Alycia ( said...

such pretty blankets! may i ask what stitch did you use in the first picture? i'm trying to teach myself and am unfamiliar with names of stitches still :)

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