Saturday, 13 November 2010

Sophie's 8th Birthday

Goodness me!
8 years old, my where has the time gone. When you become a Mum everyone says that children grow up and to be honest when you are wadding through piles of washing, changing nappies, dealing with the night feeds and feeling like an alien due to lack of sleep (or none at all sometimes) you can be forgiven for thinking "ya right" pass me that burp cloth please.

Well, they were right. To see Sophie put on her party outfit today, grey leggings with a black and sparkly Hello Kitty top, just how much she has grown up and that time is moving on and the most must be made of each day.

Her birthday was on Tuesday and I made cupcakes with pink and white spotty cases which are a thicker paper than normal and they worked well. I treated myself to some decent piping nozzles.

They worked like a dream. I first learnt how to use a piping bag and nozzles at school when there was a Christmas cake competition and I came second! I have always enjoyed the challenge of creating eye catching cakes and buns. May have missed a calling there, never mind. Grandma and Grandad came round for dinner and then we finished off with low noise, low level fireworks in the garden. Sophie likes fireworks but not the noise that goes with them.

Then on Friday evening the baking waggon rolled again as Sophie and I made more cupcakes for her party today.

Sophie and I had a great time making and decorating them. The look on her face of sheer delight in making them knowing that her friends would be eating them. She said that it was so much fun. I really hope these little fun times last for as long as possible. Sophie loves cooking and making things and I have a feeling that this will make up a part of her life.

They were arranged on my cupcake stand and some candles added. A number 8 was put on the top and as it stands with all of the candles that we have now I am ready for the 12th - 18th birthdays.

They had a great day at Dairyland near Newquay in the bull Pen which has plastic balls, massive slides etc. Sophie and 8 friends were running around so much they all had bright pink faces!!

Fun was had by all and Sophie said that she had had a brilliant day!

She is now all tucked up in bed looking forward to tomorrow when she can start to use her new pens and pencils which she was given today.

Sweet dreams



wonderwoman said...

a belated Happy Birthday to Sophie - those cupcakes look brilliant!

Twiggy said...

Happy Birthday Sophie
Twiggy x

Josie said...

happy birthday Sophie!

Josie x

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