Thursday, 11 November 2010

Sewing Machine History

I found this picture on Craftzine and again on google images.
The time in collecting and the sewing history here is amazing.

I would really love to have an hour or so looking at these in person. Unlikely to happen but I did have the next best thing today!

One of my Year 7 students brought in an old hand operated Royal sewing machine for the rest of the class to look at as their previous homework had been to research into different kinds of sewing machines. it belongs to his Gran and his Mum dropped him off at school in the car today.

One of the reason for his interest is that during his research he found a line of sewing machines which bears his family name, which is unusual, and his family are now trying to trace this and see if there is a genuine family link. I have really started something here, this is why I teach, opening minds. Did I have a camera NO! (wails of dispair!!)

The group loved looking at something "really old" and were surprised at how it was made and heavy it was.

I wander what tomorrow will bring.


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Lilibet said...

this shop window is in Brighton near to where I live.Its a clothes shop!
I love looking ta the machines when I pass.I have a picture of it on my blog.Belwo is the link to the post.

Love your blog BTW!

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