Saturday, 6 November 2010

Etsy Treasury - Purple Rain

I was delighted to see that I have been included in my first treasury called Purple Rain!!

I have really tried to put a picture of the treasury here on this post, as I have seen it on other blogs, but for some reason I can not. Any suggestions?
Many thanks to sarah at Paper and String for helping me with the importing of the Etsy Treasury. Due to having a note book I can only print screen half of it at a time which is why there is a split in the screen. This is what Sarah suggested:
Open up Picassa, paint
click on F11 to remove the headers and footers
click print screen and it is imported to Picassa so that it can be cropped etc.
It worked first time, so many thanks.
Bloggers are really helpful like this which is why I do this.

Do pop over and take a look as there are many other Etsy sellers featured. I am going to do some Etsy Christmas shopping this year to help support handmade.

I have also stated on my items that many are P&P free, especially in the UK.

It has been such a busy week this week that I have not posted since Monday, but I have managed to finish another Christmas block which I shall post this weekend. It has been so dark in the evenings to take photographs.

Off to Plymouth today to do some Christmas shopping while hubby does a boat survey. I have been asked by my Mum to make some cushion covers for her so I need to add to some fabric that I have and start them asap.

I would also like to say a BIG HELLO to my new followers in the side bar. I have been visiting and even managed to leave some comments which has not be possible recently, blogger has its off days sometimes.

Back later.



paper-and-string said...

Good Morning!
I use a screen shot to show photos of treasurys ... on the keyboard I press F11 to remove the header and footer then press the button called Print can then open Paint and paste your Print Screen into it...Or I use Picasa ...have picasa open, press F11, press Print SCreen, and Picasa will have it there ready for you to crop and use!!
Easy Peasy :-)
(or not, let me know if that makes no sense!!)

Twiggy said...

Woohoo that's great, well done
twiggy x

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