Sunday, 31 October 2010

Sewing Heaven.................

OOOh I wonder what this could be?
Harry Potter's new abode? A kitchen cupboard leftover?

No, it is my new toy, my early birthday present to myself (yes, the age goes up a notch again at Christmas, oh goody!)
My new sewing table.

The small door on the left opens up to show a storage area and a drawer. The door itself supports a flip over counter which can be seen better further down this post.

The right hand side also opens up to show further storage areas and this door again supports another flip over counter space. You can see my machine which sits on a weight controlled counter lever platform so that it can be stored away when not being used.

Underneath the machine in the picture above is the area where it is stored when not in use. There is also a space to keep a plastic insert which drops into the table top to fill in the gap left behind when the machine in stored away.On the other side of the sewing cupboard there is a flap which extends the surface area even further!!! Ideal for making quilts.

It is supported by a section which flips out at the back of the sewing cupboard.

We have set it up in the attic and it can be put away if any one comes to stay.

Needless to say that the above picture is not what the table looks like at the moment. Just imagine a tornado has been locked in the attic for a weekend!

More on that another time. You can imagine, I am sure, just how thrilled I am with this. I actually have somewhere to work that is not the kitchen table and I can leave it out over night if I need to. I have a craft Fair next month and I am busy making up some new items to take.

I first saw these tables years ago and thought lovely! Ideal, but I have had to save up to be ale to buy one without feeling guilty. Well...ok....maybe just a little guilty. It will last me for years and Sophie thinks it is great. The first project to be made on this lovely table?? Sophie's Halloween bag and PDF. Sophie had her own work area and she thought it was the Bee's Knee's!!

Have fun to night and be safe too.



Bagladee said...

Wow what an impressive sewing station!!! You lucky lady :D I'm soooo jealous. Happy sewing on it. xx

Josie said...

it looks great, loads of room for all your stuff!

Josie x

Kathleen said...

Wow...what a great work station! I love it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. All is well here. Just really busy and it's hard to squeeze in the blogging. But I keep hoping! Happy Halloween!

MelMel said...

Clever bit of kit!
Great idea!

Indigo Blue said...

Many thanks for visiting ladies. I have used it quite a bit this week, it turned up just in time for half term. I have been doing work for the day job today but come next weekend and I shall sewing like a demon to get more things done for the craft fair.

JuliaB said...

OMG! It's not often that I am envious but oh what a lovely thing!!! You lukcy devil ... I have never seen one .. where does one find them?? I have just been kicked out of my workspace ..hubby wants his conservatory back, so I am relegated to the spare room which I don't mind as it's quieter up there. The space is much more 'compact' though, so one of these might have to appear on my xmas list .. call it 'compensation' x

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