Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Happy Halloween Bag

Sophie came home just before the holidays to say that she has been invited to her friend's house to go Trick or treating. Mummy alarm went off but then I was told that hubby and I are also invited and we go with them at a safe distance.

Guess what was next! That's right......"Mummy can we make a bag for me to take?"

So last Friday night the above bag was created, we had loads of fun making it and I promise that I will show you my new table tomorrow, it is just that this has sort of taken over.

The tinsel came from ASDA believe it or not and I dare say other places will sell something similar.

Then we had another idea...............
Ghostly Egg Cosies, we like novelty Egg cosies in our house! Sophie made the grey one all by herself. Hilarious, aren't they?

I have decided to add another section to my Etsy shop (as a bit of an experiment) a pattern and PDF section "Pattern Palace" Here you will find the pattern and fully illustrated instructions for this bag which I can email as a PDF. So still plenty of time to make one. I have other ideas that will need to be tired out first, but hopefully one idea every month or so will hopefully be added.

Then I will try and stock the felt to go with my patterns too, but I need to look into that more.

Well hubby and Sophie have gone swimming and I am shortly due to go to my sewing group.

So back tomorrow.



MelMel said...

Am I too old to treat or treat?
I love the bag!x

Tatkis said...

Such a nice and funny bag! And Ghostly Egg Cosies are very cute :))

Best wishes,

Mary said...

That bag is really cute - I love the orange trim.

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