Monday, 11 October 2010

Christmas Craft Sparkle

I have increased the stock for the above in my Etsy shop. I do have higher quantities than shown as you do get charged for the number of lengths that you list.

Oh..... and whilst having fun making my collage in Picasa I forgot to include the silver.


I am busy making things for the Christmas Craft Fair since I have found a bit of motivation. I have not really felt like making much lately for some reason.

However, what a lovely day that we have had in Cornwall today. Do you reckon that it will last until half term?



wonderwoman said...

its gorgeous here too, blue skies, sunshine - hopefully it will last a little longer!

Joanna said...

it is a beautiful day here but will it last till half term? I think we both know the answer to that!! xxx

Jennie said...

LOL the sequin ribbon just reminds me of when I was about ten and I went to the sewing shop with my friend. The man who worked there showed us how to make flowers with that ribbon, however I missed most of what he said because I felt woozy and then fainted lol so I went home very upset. My mum pulled out a flower making kit from the cupboard and showed me how to make tissue paper flowers instead! xxx

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