Saturday, 18 September 2010

Bags of fun!

Well one bag to be exact, although I do have another four cut out ready.
I am taking part in a little Christmas Craft Fair at the end of November and adding to my Etsy shop, so I need to add to my stock.
This is the latest bag......

It is made using a bright pink fabric with a yellow leaf design on it. 100% cotton from IKEA. I love their fabric, lovely to work with, iron and very strong.

Plenty of space to just throw items in when you are in a hurry, you now the school run or just running late. The bag has a lovely crisp white lining so that you can see inside it easily.

Magnetic fastening and to add to the fun there are matching........

Make-up bag or large zippered purse with front pocket.

Well off to work on the next one.

The above will be listed on Etsy. The purse is already listed and there are two in stock. I love this bag because it can be folded up and put in a suitcase or will fold up and not take up too much room. This is a really simple design and I have kept the interfacing to a minimum so that it will not require too much ironing. I have another couple in the making process in different colours which I will feature here before Christmas then list in Etsy. If anyone prefers to deal via Folksy then let me know which bag you would like and I shall do a special button on Folksy for you for that particular bag. I am just trying to avoid doubling up then two people buy the same bag when I only have one to offer. Hope that makes sense.

I took part in a table top sale yesterday with a load of Sophie's toys etc and I was approached by two ladies who liked my cream spiral scarf. Asked if I was going to the Craft Fayre in November guess what i shall be casting on my needles this evening?

Hope you are all having a good weekend!



wonderwoman said...

lovely fabric and gorgeous colour, one of my favs!!!

Kitty said...

What a pretty bag. I'd never thought about a light lining helping with 'seeing' things inside before, but of course you're right. (I can be a bit stupid sometimes). x

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