Saturday, 21 August 2010

Wet summers day.................

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Another wet and dreary day (honestly it looks like October here at the moment!) so it was time to go to the cinema and Sophie really wanted to see toy Story3. We had the first one on DVD and watched the second one in Seaford on video so it made sense to go to the cinema to see number three. Used all three methods of viewing, did you notice that?
It really is very good indeed and is fun for the children, but adults will not be disappointed at all. Lots of laughs, especially with Woody and a toilet roll, but I shall say no more on that so as not to spoil it.
The characters are great and the voice overs are excellent again. There are lots of laughs including the groan type of laughs. But I challenge you not to come out feeling better than went you went in.
Off to prune in the wet garden as things are growing out of control with the recent fall of rain.

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Jill Eudaly said...

thanks for dropping by my blog.
a zucchini is a type of squash, Italian--I think. How do i plan store windows?? I get an idea and it evolves. I never know for sure how it will end up. I give the store owner ideas, she picks one and basically lets me do what I want. I took an advertizing class a few years ago. Learned how to tie themes together like last month the store had a big sale, so I made a sail boat with the word sale on it for the window. Plus it is summer and the beach is a huge vacation destination so we carried on with a beach theme. The store owner has a cottage on Lake Erie and spends every weekend there, she loved the boat and beach idea.
Its a hair salon, she does my hair for free which if i pay for it, its $100 every 5 weeks for hair cut, dye job and high lights. I recycle, beg and borrow most of what I use in the window. Mainly the cost is time and it does use up a lot of time. Plus the shop is in a small town with not much going on, the windows are a big hit. People love it. fun stuff.
Doing the windows has gotten me started on trying new a blog and starting an Esty store I hope next month. I've been a stay at home mom for 9 years, my husband travels A LOT for his job. I'm on my own with house, kids, yard, dogs, I can go on and on. My youngest is fially old enough where I now have some free time.
way more info than you asked for, but there it is.

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