Monday, 9 August 2010

I am in print!!!!!!!!!!!

After many months of designing, researching, cutting, stitching, ironing, photographing, wrapping, posting and finger crossing I finaly had all of my blocks done for Around the World Quilting Bee.
I decided after having read one of Kittywrinkles posts about a year ago where she had created a book archiving her blog for a year that I decided to take a look at
Months and months this has taken to sort out, so you can imagine my frustration today when I tried to finalise it all and actually order a couple of copies!!
Would it work? Would it co-operate? No it bloody would not!!!
Hours I spent uploading it (ended up getting it twice so I have had to delete one), publishing it! As for trying to order it.....well I gave up, painted Sophie's toe nails for her, emailed kitty wrinkle and went to make the dinner.
My hubby comes home from doing a boat survey in Helston, he suggests that I use his laptop and........ that's worked first time!!! I am not going to type here what was exactly going through my mind but I am sure that you can all have a good guess.
If you click on the book link in the left hand side bar at the top and then click on the book cover featured hopefully you can have a preview of what it looks like. However after today's little fiasco I can not be certain it will work, ha ha!
I think that you can leave a comment there too if you want. Once I go back onto my computer I will do a Picassa collage to give you an impression of what the inside looks like. I now have to wait for the books to arrive and I shall post here and let you see what they look like. If I like them and I have the strength to do another, I was thinking of doing one based on Sophie's photographs from birth to the present day. Digital pictures are ok but we are guilty of not printing them off. This would be one way of creating an album. That will of course be a private book and not featured on the internet.
I probably should have waited until the book delivery before posting but after today I wanted to have something to show for my efforts.
Our holiday in Seaford was a brilliant as ever and once I have uploaded the pictures I shall post about our fun week.
Please let me know what you think of my book.
I am now off for a strong cup of tea and a biscuit, by the way our chicken casserole was very nice too.


Primrose Corner said...

Your blocks look fantastic ... I shall take a better look when I get back from doing the watering.....

Indigo Blue said...

I hope that it looks as good in the flesh whn it arrives. Thank you for taking a look.

Julie said...

I agree :) Fingers crossed for you that it looks as good in the flesh, er, paper!

val said...

Hi Andrea, That is just G R E A T! What a wonderful idea, your book is so very personal to you but also so very inspiring to me :0)
You may have solved a few Christmas presents for me too!!
Thank you for sharing - have a lovely weekend,

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