Friday, 27 August 2010

Exam Results

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That time of year came round on Tuesday when nails are bitten up to the the elbow and tension in homes across the country is high.

Yep....GCSE results.
My lovely little group did as I predicted (if only I could be as accurate with the lottery numbers.
I also hit the percentage target that I get told that I have to get with the group.

I was delighted with what they achieved and one has now moved on to studying Fashion at a higher level. I have asked her parents to keep in contact as I would love to now how she gets on. They leave school and we rarely hear what happens afterwards unless they get married or get themselves arrested!!

So my little group achieved:
5 Grade A
1 Grade C
3 Grade D
1 Grade F
There is always a story behind all of the grades gained so please trust me that ALL of these grades were an achievement for a group of lovely girls who have a wide range of ability, home backgrounds, medical situations and goodness knows what else before you even get to studying and gaining exams. As a result of taking my course two have bought their own sewing machine, one has moved onto college to work at a higher level in textiles, another has decided to take an additional course on this subject for fun to go along with the rest of her timetable at 6th Form and another is making items for friends.
None of these can be given a certificate but I have maybe started them on the school of life course where they may now have a hobby or interest that they can turn to and the skills to make clothes or any other item that they choose.
Congratulations girls and all the best for the future.

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Thecraftytrundler said...

You must be so proud of your pupils!! You're truly an inspirational teacher : )

Sharon xx

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