Friday, 9 July 2010

Seed Swap 2010

Last year I took part in a seed swap being organised by Marmaladekiss. I have decided to join up again this year as I am hoping that I may have more seeds to choose from this time. Pop over to Julia's blog and read the guidelines for taking part. Meet some new bloggers at the same time.
Toffy went to the vet today and his eye is much better. He is still sneezing so he had the rest of the anti-biotic dose and will go back in about 10 days time to see what the verdict is, but it is looking good. He was a great source of fun last evening pushing and chasing a ping pong ball around the kitchen floor. The ball and kitten can go really fast on a hardwood floor!


becky said...

Glad to hear Toffe is doing better! It's always hard when we have little ones and the pets are sick...thanks for the info on the seed swap, I think I will head over and check it out!

Chocolate Cat said...

Toffy is so cute, glad he is improving!

Fenland Textile Studio said...


So pleased to hear that Toffy is doing so well. Fingers crossed for a full recovery!!

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