Monday, 5 July 2010

Family Addition.....Toffy

Noooooo! Not that kind of new addition! No not at all, I mean the small cute and very fluffy variety!
This is Toffy and he is 8 weeks old in the picture above.

A friend of mine has a lovely farm cat which had a set of very cute kittens which I featured about a month ago. He is very tiny and when he is curled up to sleep like he is above, he will fit easily on a side plate.
His food bowl look massive and he often has his feet in the bowl as well. We have since bought him even smaller ones so that he can manage easier.

He loves to play much to Sophie's delight!

He will soon grow into his bed, plenty of room to stretch out at the moment though.

The early even was fast approaching so the sun is a bit too much here but I did manage to catch Toffy sitting still. He is definitely a very pretty cat with lovely markings on his fur.

He has been making friends with Sophie. He is technically Sophie's cat and it is her responsibility to feed him etc and she has done so too. He is going for his injections on Wednesday along with Tiger who is due his booster jabs. Should be a fun trip for all that afternoon, eh?

He is also prone to falling asleep sitting upright and then wobbles which wakes him up again. he has been a high source of amusement this past week and very little of anything has been done as a result. As for Tiger, well he is adjusting and has generally taken no notice of Toffy at all.

Well, I think that is enough cuteness for one post, but he is a sweetie though, isn't he.



Josie said...

aww, he's cute, he looks so small in the basket !
when Kitt first came to live with us, she had her own basket but wouldn't settle to sleep easily so I made her a small cushion so snuggle up to and after that she was fine and now she still likes cushions ( my rag cushion!)
Josie x

trash said...

That is a big basket for a small kitteh. If he did grow to fill it would you not be be a little worried??

The WoodLand School said...

What an adorable kitten! Welcome to the family, Toffy :-)

Kandi said...

Wow, that little one is precious!
Kandi x

Bagladee said...

Omg, he is just too cute!!! He is so tiny. Bless. Hope there will be lots of 'growing up' kitty photos to be seen :D xx

clare's craftroom said...

Awwww so cute !

Gina said...

Very cute!

wonderwoman said...

what a sweetheart - i'm not surprised that you have not done much - i'd be the same!!


Tatkis said...

Such a sweet and cute kitten! Congratulations with Toffy :)

Best wishes,

picciolo said...

he certainly is cute!
: )

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