Monday, 21 June 2010

Royal Cornwall show - Flower Tent

There were some fascinating flower displays in the Flower Tent and I really liked this one. Green rings which looked like they were tumbling off the table. It all started from a central point on the table with Lillie's.

There were several categories within the tent and the displays were very large! There was not really one that I could pick out as really liking as I really liked them all. Some of the judges comments were rather scathing/rude, which I did not think is really needed.

I did like the display/arrangement shown above. Due to the popularity of the Flower Tent it was really difficult to take pictures and many of the ones that I did take had bits of people in them as I tried to take pictures of the displays.

The use of the wide range of flowers was breath-taking and Sophie really liked this tent. She has become very interested in gardening since we started our little veg patch. She is also studying Plants at school too.

Once sifted through I could only find two decent pictures, sorry, but here is a nice one of Sophie's plant. 'Gardener's World' look out................

All this lovely sun plus just enough rain to fill the water butts and keep everything green, my garden is sprouting and growing all over the place. Our efforts actually look quite good this year.



Kandi said...

Oh, hi! I have just found your blog, and really pleased that I did. I just blogged about the needle case I made from the Sew Hip magazine and was informed that the designer had a blog, so wanted to say thanks!
Kandi x

Amanda said...

Hi! I came over from Kandi's blog. I really love the needlecase. I can't wait to make one! I've really enjoyed reading you archives. Lots of love, Amanda xxx

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