Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Patchwork "Boxy" Bag

I found the pattern for this bag at Creative Stitches about two years ago and it has sat in my sewing room ever since. last September when I visited the same venue again I decided to get a charm pack that would enable me to make the bag. The fabric had a bit of a Japanese style to it.

The bag pattern does not actually have a fastening so I decided to make a flap pattern which was stitched to one side of the bag and through to the front so that it would also help to keep the top of the bag even and in shape.
I had a large mother of pearl button left over from a necklace kit. I then put a button hole in the flap fastening.

I also top stitched the flap to help keep it flat and even.

The handles in the pattern did not seem long enough or in proportion with the size of the bag, so I made extra strap sections and added rings to help add to the length. The straps were also top stitched to add strength and texture.

On the sides of the bag are ties which keep the bag in the shape that you can see at the top of this post.

When the ties are undone the bag looks more like a tote bag and is actually really big!

An inside view of the bag when the ties are undone.

This is a view of the base of the bag. I want to make another version but slightly smaller. I have a smaller charm pack upstairs which would be ideal for this.

I have been busy at school this week so I have not uploaded any new pictures as i tend to do them in batches but I shall be back with further offerings.

Has anyone else had a go at making a bag like this one?xx


Cozy in Texas said...

I love the bag. Great colors.

Daisie said...

Love the bag, personally I like a big one ;) Can't wait to see what your smaller version looks like!

wonderwoman said...

i just love that bag - just the right size for a bit of retail therapy!!


Kandi said...

Oh wow that is so pretty and I love the design!
Kandi x

val said...

Hi Andrea, I really like your Christmas Tree block, I presume you are making one block a month? Interesting bag ..... I have one of my own design that I call Casablanca which is very similar but without the square bottom. Yours is beautiful, hope you show us if you do it again.
Have a good week, Val

Solstitches said...

Hi Andrea,
I love the bag you made and wonder if you can tell me a bit more about the pattern and where I might be able to get it?
I've just discovered your blog and am already planning to try out your soup recipe :)


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