Thursday, 17 June 2010

Neopolitan Cupcake

I subscribe to an online Craft Magazine Daily and I found this lovely Neapolitan Cupcake. I thought I would like to have a little try at that.
So at the weekend I used the cupcake recipe that is featured in the side bar, added a bit of coca powder and had a go.

I used various bun cases and this one is one of the smallest. It was more successful with larger cases.
Every Friday my department at work we take it in turns to make or bring on something like this so we meet up and have tea and cake. Otherwise it is possible to go all week and not actually speak to your colleagues because you are too busy. Anyway it is my turn in a couple of weeks and I would like to do some of these with icing to decorate etc. I have a little time to work on it.
take care


Molly said...

Those cupcakes are darling! I would never have thought to make a double colored one though. But....guess what I got in the mail today???? A super granny square bag, that I just LOVE!! Don't you ever say you don't crochet well, this is perfect. Trust me, I know how to do it wrong. Thank you ever so much for all the extra gifts, they are just so sweet, not necessary but very darling---and you don't get them back!! 8>) Thanks ever so much, take care my friend.

Jill Eudaly said...

no matter how good the picture looks, I am not tempted to bake anymore. For my older kids I baked things to send to school parties. My youngest takes store bought treats and I feel no guilt!

twiggypeasticks said...

Phwoar they look lovely. I have made the most lurid cupcakes today. will post a pic soon,
Have a fab weekend
twiggy x

picciolo said...

They look delicious! It must be fun trying to fill those cases
: )

wonderwoman said...

they look scrumptious!


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