Sunday, 27 June 2010

Angel Quilt Block

As you know I have signed up for round two of our Quilting Bee Group and it is based on the theme of Christmas. I know that it is only June, but to get it all finished by December we needed to start now. This is my lastest offering, an Angel. I have adapted the colours to suit the person who is going to receive the block otherwise I would have used more gold in the fabric. However, red and green was mainly asked for.

I found the block at Quilters Cache and there are lots and lots of block ideas there, a wonderful site to browse even if you are not a quilter. Some very clever designs. I have heard that the next two quilts are heading my way so there will soon be more blocks to think about and make.

Hope you have all had a brilliant weekend, the weather in Cornwall has been scorching and gorgeous, even if the same can not be said for the football. Enough said there I think!!

Have a great week and thank you all for visiting here especially the new visitors who have let me now who they are. I find lovely new blogs as a result. Click on the comments and you too may find a new blog to look at.


PS, We have a new addition to the family, photos will be posted when I have uploaded them.


Bagladee said...

Sorry I haven't posted a comment for a while, new addition to the family? Have I missed something? ;) Loving the angel quilt block. Emma x

Cozy in Texas said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I lived in Perranporth (on top of the cliffs) for a number of years and also in Truro. I now live in Fort Worth Texas. The banner is of local wildflowers. We have beautiful bluebonnets that are a bit like lupins growing here in the spring.
Cozy In Texas

clare's craftroom said...

What lovely blocks !

inkberryblue said...

You are such a skilled seamstress!
Congratulations on being published too. I've been so busy with work I haven't visited for a while and missed this bit of news. How exciting!!!

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