Sunday, 23 May 2010

Kitten cuteness

Be warned, this post has an excessive level of cuteness!
Hopefully in a few months time.................

This little bundle of fluff will....................

be joining our little household. (on the right as you look at the picture)

All together now.....Aaahhhh!

Not sure what sex the kitten is yet, too early to be able to tell yet. There is a bit of a story to this....

We got Tiger nearly two years ago from Cat Protection and he has been a success story. He is very old and showing signs of age etc and Sophie did ask that next time would it be possible to have a younger cat. Tiger is very much his own cat and can ignore you for days. He is also a lovely old boy and we wonder if he is lonely. He sleeps a lot and stays nearby all the time, including coming out to watch us garden or on the decking......basically her is never far away from us.

We had always intended to find another rescue cat in the future, but then a friend said that her cat had had kittens. Hubby and I had a think about all the pros and cons and decided not to say anything to Sophie. Quite by accident Sophie brought up the subject of kittens, cats and notices when a new cat has appeared in the area.

So on Friday, after much discussion, we meet up at my work and followed my friend to her parents house which is on a farm. Sophie still had no idea and then said were we going to look at some chickens!!

So you can imagine the look on her face when suddenly a tiny kitten about four weeks old was put into her hands!! The look on her face was a picture. She was so gentle with them and listened carefully to what she was told about holding them. When we asked her to choose one she was a bit stunned and needed it explained that we were being serious. The first thing she said when the penny dropped was "will Tiger mind?"

She picked the one shown in the picture and it was the kitten that I liked too, although the one I was holding was lovely too and settled down in the palm of my hand and laid there, I do not have very big hands so you can imagine how small they were.

Eventually......we managed to pries Sophie away and drove home. Since Friday afternoon guess what the main topic of conversation has been about where Sophie is concerned?

That's right...............cute kitty talk.

Tiger does not take any notice of any of the other cats around where we live and we do not think that there will be problem, we have asked for advice on this and been told that older cats can in fact help younger cats to learn. Of course we shall keep our fingers crossed, Tiger will still be Top Cat in this house.

Roll on the next few weeks.xx


clare's craftroom said...

Awwww so cute ! We have an old cat and recently bought a kitten home .The old one took a week or so to adjust to the little one not going away and now brings mice home for it !

Brynwood Needleworks said...

Oh, Andrea. Sophie and the kitten are so darn cute! I'm sure we'll be seeing many more photos in the future of the two of them...wonderful! I hope Tiger's nose doesn't get out of joint with the new family member. I suspect things may go better if the new kitten is a female.

twiggypeasticks said...

Soooooooooooooooooo cute
Twiggy x

wonderwoman said...

ahhh, soooo gorgeous!!!

picciolo said...

ah, what sweeties!
: )

Jennie said...

awww those kittens are so gorgesous, especially the one Sophie chose. I would love another cat to keep mine company but I can't because of my asthma.
I am so pleased for Sophie, that must have been such a wonderful surprise x

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