Monday, 17 May 2010

Garden Veggie update

The leaf salads are really coming along nicely and we may be tempted to sample something soon! It looks quite attractive as well.

We have only lost one plant and we noticed yesterday that even that plant was still trying to grow a little bit.

Sadly, the French beans are still not doing very much at all but I did see a couple of tiny green leaves so something may be taking place or I am nurturing some weeds! The tomato plants shown here are struggling on but Sophie's plants are doing well but I forgot to take any pictures with this batch, will catch them later in the week.

These flowering plants will hopefully attract some bees over the coming months.

Hubby has developed his anti-cat cover system and is pleased with the outcome! The radishes are coming along well too. Hopefully it will not be long before we can eat an entire salad fresh from our garden. Ooooh look, you can see our beloved decking in the background! Lets hope we can use it this year.



The Garden Bell said...

Wonderful garden. I'm a new follower here as of today.

Regarding the bag, mine flopped over too. Not too worry just fill it with some new yarn.

Kate -T.G.B.

JuliaB said...

GOODLORD!!! I have lettuce envy!! mine - which i planted AGES ago, are still miniscule ... clearly I need some of those lid thingys that you have there ... !! hmmm.. Well done!! Have you been watching "the Edible Garden" with Alys Fowler? I am addicted to it.. she is SO INSPIRING! and i've been doing it her way for years!! - or at least, trying to!! xx

Louise said...

I really like how you have mixed the different types of salad leaves together. x

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