Thursday, 22 April 2010

Quilting Fun.....ssshhhhhh, it is for Christmas

Many of you will now that I have been working with a group of lovely ladies in the Around the World Quilting Bee. Due to various things a year later we are still going and hopefully I shall see my dear old quilt again very soon. a moment of creative weakness I found myself signing up with some of the same members to create some Christmas Blocks In the Around he World Christmas. I am sooooo sorry to say the Christmas word so early in the year but we have to start making them now so that they will be ready for the festive season.

The above logo will be in the side bar with a direct link to our flickr group. We have not actually started yet but you can also see our current Quilting Bee and all of our blocks so far. Feel free to comment on any of them and say that I sent you.
Best Wishes


Molly said...

I won't say the C word either but I have already started on my gifts also. Hopefully your quilt will make it back to you very soon, I'm sure you will love it. Take care

trash said...

Maria sent me the link to sign up for this one but I haven't heard back. Do you know any more details?

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