Monday, 12 April 2010

More Crafty Knitting..........

Here, my lovely Sophie is modelling my latest Lacey knit cloche hat. I liked the cream one, but with strawberry blonde hair it made my look even more pale. So a nice dark purple was called for.

Again I decided to add a 100% cotton crochet flower and in the centre I crocheted a more loopy style flower and stitched them together.

This will be my Autumn/Winter hat and for once I am ahead of schedule for a change.

The tutorial for this hat is in the margin on your left. I now have my sights on another scarf. I have a couple of patterns, just need to get some wool.

So, this hat covered several 20 minutes of crafting and was also......

my April finish for OPAM 2010.

Hubby is out working tomorrow, so Sophie and I are going to have a fun day cooking, crafting and watch a bit of TV. However if the weather is good then some gardening instead. We are making a couple of little changes you see which I have yet to photograph.


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clare's craftroom said...

Well done on a such a great finish !

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