Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Meet my New fashion Friend - ROSE

I have been researching into buying a dress form for some time, and I would like to thank Katy for her emails in answering some questions on them for me.

At college we used ones called KL which you can still get but they are over £600 and I can not justify buying one at that price. I do not like adjustable ones, never have, and I wanted one mainly for hanging, lining up, hems etc as the fit I can do off the dress form because when at college you get very good at making clothes on your own and fitting most areas by yourself!
At college it was normal to end up with a different size dress form to what you wanted due to the popularity of their use. First come first served etc. Also I find that adjustable dress forms become very wobbly and their accuracy reduces as nuts,bolts etc become loser with use. I always want to put a pin where there is a gap too, although you can get 'socks' to go over the dress form to block off the gaps.

So I looked at Morplan and online shops and Ebay. Finally I found the one above and it was on a bidding section of Ebay. I put in a maxium bid and went to work! When I came home I found that I had won and it cost me £45.00 plus P&P! Now I thought this was a bargin and was delighted.

It arrived very quickly and was well packaged. It fitted together easily and is not heavy to carry at all but is very stable with a solid wooden base. The main body is good and the fabric over the top is clean and tough so will withstand pins over a long period of time. I went for the floral option as it will look attractive even when not in use. Hence the name 'ROSE' for my dress form.

It has to have a name. I took it to school for a couple of weeks, which is why I have not posted about it sooner, to see what they thought and they really enjoyed using it. So I have permission to get another with reciepts etc for the school to have and seeing the numbers for next year I may need more tha one. The numbers taking textiles next year has doubled which I am delighted and releived about because if I could not get at least 15 students then the course was not going to be allowed to run!

Rose and I are getting on really well and she has been brought home for the holidays and we have been working together these past several days. There is another story about the bag she is wearing but I shall leave that for another day. Sorry that the pictures are a little dark but the days here have been very dull indeed!

If you would like to to know more about this dress form leave a comment because I can not find the link while I am sitting here. Why does that always happen when you are typing a post?

Take care all



clare's craftroom said...

Wow not only is Rose functional , practical and useful she is just beautiful !

Gina said...

Rose is fabulous... and what a bargain!

twiggypeasticks said...

I agree practical and lovely to look at !!
Twiggy x

Lynn said...

I love her! I bet she will be your best friend in the years to come!

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Rose is beautiful to look at. Can't wait to see what she will be wearing next.

JuicyFig said...

I didn't know you could get them in such lovely fabric!

I wish you joy to use her!


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