Friday, 23 April 2010

From Russia........Swap parcel

Last month I signed up for a spring swap and I was partnered with Tatyana.
Today I shall show what she sent me and then when her parcel arrives in Moscow I shall post what I made and sent. It is taking quite a while for her parcel to arrive.

Firstly everything was wrapped up some very zingy coloured crepe paper. I opened the paper and there were lovely items inside, such as this hand stitched pin cushion with owls on it. Stitched on a cotton fabric ( the name escapes me and I have some in the attic).

Then these lovely and colourful Russian Dolls. they are brighter that the picture shows. Sophie really liked these.

Some lovely fabric, which I will have to think about what to make from it and a postcard which I shall keep safely. On the left there is a beaded bag charm which also has a little metal owl at the end of it. Too small for my camera to put in focus I am afraid. Lovely parcel which had to travel a very long way and my first blog friend from Russia.

Many thanks for your lovely parcel Tatyana.

You brightened up my day and created a lovely start to Spring.



wonderwoman said...

what lovely goodies and how great to get some fabric from russia!

Tatkis said...

Andrea, it was a pleasure to have you as a swap partner! I'm glad to have a friend in England :)

inkberryblue said...

What a beautiful swap package. Lucky you!

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