Saturday, 3 April 2010

Felty Flower Friends...........

Well, you have meet my new teddy bears, now here are my next set of felty friends......The Flower Gang. This idea has been going around for months and the pink version was actually made nearly two years ago ( I do not like to rush myself!). These are for hanging up in any little girls room and are padded so that they give a 3D look. Sophie has a couple of these and has her eye on the purple one too.
Ideal for Spring, when it actually arrives as we have had large lumps of hail here in Cornwall.

They will come in a range of colours and I have started working on smaller versions and some key rings too which are ideal for putting on little princesses school bags for identification during the scrum to find their bag at the end of the school day! Also for big girls to put their car keys on! I shall be listing these and the bears this week as things have slowed down here a little.

I do need some names for these little friends. Any ideas for the flower above? I thought Flora but was not sure.

Also, is Violet too obvious? What do you think?

Any suggestions I would love to hear from you. I have several items which have been cut out ready and I have finally managed to get some more pale blue felt but I have still not been successful in getting any light brown for the bears. Must be very popular colours at the moment.

The egg cosies were fun to make again this year and I have ideas to expand these for other times of the year. Iwill have to have a little play with the ideas to see what happens.

I have lots of things planned for the next few days, including some cooking with Sophie as I think some Easter buns will be needed and I bought a new icing gun so that Sophie can have a go as she finds the piping bag a little tricky. I also want to make some more jam because I do not seem to have made any since the end of 2008! How did that happen?

I have 97 followers which I am very grateful for and I do try to reply but I find that I can not always get to you via the followers picture so if I have not gotten back to you then I am sorry but I do appreciate your interest in my blog. I think that when/if I get to 100 I shall have a little giveaway to show my appreciation.

Well, best get off and start on the list above. Hubby is putting some new tiles up in the kitchen which should finally finish it off and I have been told that it is a job for one and who am I to disagree. Can not both get in the same corner of the kitchen I suppose.

Have a very Happy Easter!


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quiltygal said...

Lovely blog thought Id help you out getting to 100 followers :)

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