Thursday, 4 March 2010

Sketch book update- A peek inside 1

The photo was taken at The Gardens of Heligon, Cornwall
You may remember that with my Embroiderers Guild Group I am trying to build up a sketch book on the theme of SEEDS. We all have the same theme and I will be honest in that it is not a theme which gets me keen to do it. It started January 2009 and the book sat still for ages then I started a section on this blog where some pages had been attempted.

The top picture shows some catkin photos which another raised picture on top to give a 3D appearance.

Tried a different version with other pictures and then traced off a section of the photograph.

I used this traced off section to create a pattern using pencils, water colour paints and a black fineliner pen.

I decided to move on to another picture and a new idea. So I used some pictures from a lovely flower grown by my In-Laws. The background is screwed up tissue paper glued down with PVA. Once that has dried I ran a paint brush over it with a darker blue water colour paint. On top if this I attached the pictures using pritt stick.

I then took the shapes from the pictures above to create further shapes and patterns which I shall show you tomorrow.

Thankfully at long last I have the motivation and ideas to get on with this and complete it soon as it was meant to have been done this January just gone......oppps.

Take care



Kitty said...

Wow - I think that looks a really interesting project. Love the crumpled tissue paper - doesn't it look fab? I look forward to seeing what else you do in the notebook. x

jayne said...

Your sketch book is fabby xxx I love it x
if you ever fancy sharing your crafts come and pop over to our craft blog

Louise said...

Keep that motivation up, your sketchbook is lovely. x

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