Monday, 8 February 2010

Sunshine Award for you.

I was given this a couple of weeks ago and it has taken a while to get all of the links together to
put on this post. (It did not help when I lost the bit of paper that I had written them on). I would like to thank Twiggypeasticks for passing it on to me. it is a very lovely and bright button and would look very good on any blog.

However, after the chilly nip that was in the air today I am notso sure that spring is quite here yet, and the possibility of snow at the end of the week?
I am meant to pass the award on so here is the list. I have included some of my new found followers and blog friends here too:
Julia B: Marmaladekiss
Maria: Wonderwomen
Angela: Fenland Textiles
Molly: Crocheting my Worsted
Barbara: Moore whimsies
Tatyana: Mouse House
Julia: Primrose Corner

Please accept the above eye-catching button with my good wishes and all the best to all of my visitors, both those who comment and those who pass through.
Take care all


Molly said...

I am so honored to receive this. I am almost speechless...and that is saying a lot for me!! Thank you so much and that button is going on my blog right now. Thanks my friend.

JuliaB said...

Ahhhh... Thank You Andrea!! that's so kind! :)

I think new look blog looks great too .. and very "you" .. just right!


Barbara said...

Thank you so so so much Andrea! My internet connection was down most of the day yesterday so I missed this at first. I'm a relatively new blogger and this just means so much to me and it's so bright and cheerful, I just love it!

Fenland Textile Studio said...

Thank you so much for this award. Its been a very difficult and long week which is why I missed this at first. It is going to look really good on my blog. Angela

Tatkis said...

Andrea, it is sooo sweet! Thank you very much for this award!


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