Saturday, 20 February 2010

Bag Lady....

hand knitted bag I have been wanting to make this knitted bag for some time. However, the knitted blanket simply had to be completed first. With that done I could know think to the next project.
I found the pattern in "Let's Knit" magazine issue 13. I did have several false starts and I came to the conclusion that the number of cast on stitches was wrong. The pattern asked for 39 yet to get the basket weave pattern to work with the rest of the rows I used 37 instead. I wanted to use what I had already rather than buying new, so I used a super chunky and I had the two sides knitted up in two evenings. Quite good for me.

I decided to line the bag with some cotton that I bought when I visited Craft4crafters in Exeter earlier in the month. I hand stitched the knitted sides together and carefully made a box base. It worked well despite the thickness of the wool. I made the lining to match. The handles I bought years ago. The loop attachment unscrews so that you can slides things onto it. I have had these wooden beads for years, left overs from my degree days, and they fitted perfectly. I also had the right number! I then made two fabric loops which I stitched to the lining before adding the lining to the knitted bag.

The magazine used bamboo handles which I actually find quite difficult to find a decent size. The wooden beads were a good alternative and enabled me to use up some of my stash.

The finished bag is modelled again by my lovely Sophie and I am really pleased with the way the basket weave pattern shows up even though it is cream wool. This may well be my next favourite stitch after Moss stitch. The magazine has a corsage added to embellish it. I think that is does need something and that is now in the pipeline. I am very bad at taking pictures of things that I make and then forgetting to post them here so I have decided to add them as I finish and then if I add to the item I shall re-post any updates. This is my third knitted bag and each one has been different so far.
What do you think?
Sophie has a friend coming round today for a sleep over so best go and make sure all is tidy etc.
Well done to Amy Williams for winning Gold in the Womens Skeleton in Vancouver. I was gripped watching a sport that I had not really heard much of before!
Take care all.


Brynwood Needleworks said...

You did a great job and it looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing your work.

wonderwoman said...

that bag looks amazing!!!


Heleen said...

The bag is georgeous!! Great job!

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