Thursday, 28 January 2010

Cath Kidston delight.

I already had Cath Kidston's MAKE book and stitched a few items from it. So I was keen to get my hands on this one as well. Bought it ages ago and it was some time before I got around to making the bag which came with it. The fabric was all pre-cut with buttons included and all you needed to do is follow the instructions. There is also a paper pattern in the book so that you could make more bags if you wanted to.
I do not have any step by step pictures. It went together easily. The fabric was a bit thick really for the handle construction suggested to I made it in a different way with the same outcome. The worst part was the button holes as, again, the fabric is so thick, but got there in the end. You could easily leave the button holes out, stitch the handle directly to the bag and perhaps sew the buttons on for decoration. Next came the loop for the button fastening. Now, I have made more of these than I have had hot dinners and the instructions in the book where simple to follow but not with fabric this THICK!! Fold in half so the raw edges meet in the centre, then fold in half again and stitch along to secure. None of this making a tube and turning it through nonsense. The label that came with it stitched on nice and easily. It did not come with lining fabric, only the outer floral material, so I lined it with crisp white cotton. Simply made a copy of the pattern from the book and stitched the base slightly higher than the outer bag. This stops the contents from making the bag sag in the middle. The lining is actually supporting the contents and gives the bag (all bags) a better shape.

I liked the length of the strap at full stretch, but found the second hole position was neither here nor there. If it can be used as a hand bag then the strap needs a better way of being shortened so that it is actually a hand bag option and not that you have a bag strap that is simply too small for you!
The overall size of the bag is usable for the summer, so as not to carry around too much 'stuff' but did look a bit bigger on the book cover, but that is photography for you. The pattern is simple enough to enlarge if needed. Overall I enjoyed making the bag and I would certainly have a go at making more in different types of fabrics. A good starter bag.
What do you think? Anyone else had a go at this bag, what did you think to it?

Over the weekend I shall be giving a kitchen up date and we are very pleased with it all and hubby has surpassed himself with the final outcome. A little kitchen warming may be in the near future as so many people have been asking about it.
Remember the giveaway deadline - midnight 30th January

Take carexx


Kathleen said...

Love, love, LOVE the bag! Looks like lottsa fun to make :)

clare's craftroom said...

Beautiful bag , great job .

Country Bliss said...

I made mine in October & use it all the time, it needs washing now so hopefully it will survive the wash! I lined mine didn't bother with buttonholes and made a loop the same as yours too much faffing around with her one.
Yvonne x

Gina said...

It looks super. Very stylish indeed!

Chocolate Cat said...

What a great bag, looks like it woul be a lot of fun to use!What is the book like that it came with?

Nancy Lee said...

I just finished the bag. Here in Canada, Cath Kidston stuff cost the earth, so I was happy to get this book and bag for my birthday. I started the day after I unwrapped it! I also thought the bag would be bigger. However, it is really pretty.I lined mine with light blue fabric and a made an interior pocket as well. I didn't bother with button holes. I just sewed the strap on and used the buttons for decoration on the sides. I found that if I used a Jeans needle my machine could handle the thicker fabric. I plan to enlarge the pattern provided and make another one!

Solstitches said...

I have the book and kit that comes with it but have yet to make the bag.
I have bought lining. Thanks for the tip on the lining. I wouldn't have thought of that but it does make good sense.

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