Friday, 18 December 2009

You may remember that I organised a Christmas Stocking swap back in Oct/Nov. My partner was Glenda from Tulip Rose. So my parcel went off to Australia and another began its journey to the UK. Above is the lovely stocking that Glenda handmade for me and it is gorgeous! In pinks and creams crazy patchwork with delicate lace, ribbon, white heart buttons and some beading. With a white velvety backing. All hanging on a satin white ribbon, absolutely brilliant, just my style.

Also in the parcel was...
a beautiful calendar of Australia and the photos are stunning!...

This the Great Barrier Reef.

Also there was an Australian oven glove, very useful and I shall come back to the subject of cooking and kitchens after Christmas. Plus a lovely handmade card with a kind message inside.

Glenda made a very thoughtful and kind swap and her research on my blog enabled her to create a stocking that is very 'Me'.

Many thanks Glenda it will be hung up with joy every year and will make me think of a new blog friend from Australia.

I shall post what i sent once I have heard from Glenda that she has received it. I have emailed with no reply so I am getting a little anxious but hopefully my parcel has reached Glenda by now. I shall also feature some of the other entries where pictures have beens ent and I would like to add them to the decoration Flickr site that I started last year.

On another note I am off to Italy tomorrow to celebrate my 40th Birthday on 23rd December and Christmas. I shall take lots of photos and let you know what I got up to when I get back. I shall also be researching in Italy for inspiration for the theme to the Christmas Swap 2010.

Take care everyone


Wednesday, 16 December 2009

A change of Luck.....Thank goodness

If you have not read the previous post then you may want to read that first............
Ok? Right after a rather dodgy week where all I touched turned to.............I did not blog for several days, but I did find and email which seemed to stop my run of bad luck. Sarah at Paper and String runs a monthly giveaway and I take part in them every so often.
A bumper red and white theme giveaway was posted and was so generous in the amount and range of the big prize that 297 people entered! Did not think that I stood a chance then everything went pear shaped and the next thing I knew there was an email to take a look at and I had WON!!!!! YIPPEEE!!! I could not believe it (said in Victor Meldrew voice of course). I was a bit stunned considering so many entered and Sarah had used a number generator so it was purely at the mercy of random luck courtesy of the Internet.
So would you like to have a close look at the lovely prize?
Photo by Sarah at Paper and String
In the lovely fabric and felt storage box was just about everything that I like and use. Buttons, cross grain ribbon, velvet ribbon, pompom trim (not used that before), felt, cotton fabric and hours of pure bliss in front of me! Plus a lovely handmade felt mushroom which I might put on my large fabric scissors.

Photo by Paper and String

All packaged up in a very stylish way and it arrived in a box just as it is shown above.Then an additional surprise in a lovely paper bag........................

I had emailed Sarah a couple of days after the announcement and explained why and to help put a smile back on my face she had kindly included the happy Reindeer shown above. Sophie loved it straight away and wanted to put it on the tree.

An absolutely fantastic giveaway win which came at just right time.
Many thanks to Sarah. Do go and take a look at her blog and lovely online shops, I dare you not to spend any money, it will be a tough challenge her items are gorgeous.
A completely different topic tomorrow for you all and again many thanks for visiting.
Take care all and thanks you for your (wise) words concerning the previous post.
Take care

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Still here.....just

I am still here......just. Picked up my purchase which I need to photograph tomorrow. Been very busy. Sophie's school Christmas Fair on Friday, a Christmas lunch with the Embroiderers Guild on Saturday, my works Christmas 'do' that evening, Christmas shopping in Plymouth and my new purchase on Sunday. Plus Mock exams and other paperwork! Phew!!
Now, I have to get some beauty sleep for my job interview tomorrow. Boy am I looking forward to a break. More on that tomorrow!
Take care, crafty news will resume tomorrow.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Softie Monsters...

As part of the new GCSE course recycling is a major aspect. So this term we have been making a series of small projects to introduce this concept. We needed to dispel the idea that recycling is dirty and rubbish. I think we have now gotten past that as the students were really keen to make these softies using the theme of Monsters. The top picture shows how they came up with the pattern (after having designed it) and then developed it into a 3D shape. This was quite a spontaneous project and the students did not have any prior warning of what they would be making.

They really enjoyed making this latest project and it is one that I shall develop further for next September. As we have gone along this term the students have become so much better using the sewing machine. I often feel sorry for my machines as they are constantly putting up with abuse! So I did point out the improvement ( I know, tempting fate but when praise is due.....) and lots of smiley faces said it all really.

I couldn't help but think of Monsters Inc whilst we were making these. I must confess that I have drawn mine but not yet made it. I shall post it when I do.
The next project is on Thursday, and we shall be recycling part or all of a duvet cover...........can you guess what we will all be making?
(Yes, I have made this one to show the students which is why the monster is still in pieces).
I missed Knitting club tonight as I had to dash off and make an important and costly purchase, all shall be revealed when it is delivered. My TA stood in for me and I left them all talking about making knitted pink pigs!!??
Take care and thank you all for leaving comments, found a couple of new blogs this past week.
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