Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Parking Fine Victory...

During half-term we visited Lewes whilst staying with my sister-in-law and popped by the Needle Makers. I like to visit the Baltic Trader shop there which has lovely Polish ceramics. A space became available and we parked. We looked around and had some lunch. Visited the antique section where I bought a big box of buttons for £2.50. We then went to the ceramic shop and bought four dinner plates, four side plates, and several other items.
We then went back to the car to find a parking fine. This little car park is for the NeedleMakers and nowhere else, so we were astonished to see that apparently we were parked in a delivery bay!! The sign we were directed to was a simple computer printout without any council logo or anything. In fact any of us could print it off at home. Every car in our row got caught out, a local lady who lived there nearly got caught and we warned those lined up to park in this section! I am quite observant on this sort of thing and I never spotted it. A chap walking his dog spotted what was going on and he jokingly said "welcome to Lewes" this happens all the time.
This car park only serves The Needlmakers, much of what you can buy there may need a car to transport it away, a small place like that does not need 8 delivery bays and it was lunchtime when we arrived. These piddly little signs were not clear and we had spent nearly £200 pounds between the three of us (much of our everyday china is over 10 years old is chipped etc) and we do not feel inclined to visit again. So we paid the fine and sent an email complaining about it and because the idiot who wrote out the ticket did not write my car reg down correctly it did not match my tax disk number with the DVLA so the fine was...........wait for it..........RETURNED!! Justice is possible in this mad world after all.
The local lady said that parking restrictions changed weekly and it was difficult not to fall foul sometimes.
So..if you want to fine me in the future, then I want to see official metal signs with the local council logo on it. I want it in an obvious colour like bright yellow and I want it printed by a sign writer etc rather than printed out on a bog standard computer printer and then laminated and stapled to a bloody post. Plus I want it clear to read and see!!
There seems to be a bit of a problem with this if total strangers are coming up and sympathising for you. So beware folks, Lewes is a lovely place, plenty of history so do go there but take someone tall with you to check high up signs and do check, check the signs in the parking areas.
There go that off my chest and by the way I was not driving but it was my car and I have no blemish on my driving history and I would like to keep it that way.
I have been very busy this past week so little crafting done but hopefully more to show you later in the week. Our second knitting group meeting went very well on Tuesday and we have all now established what our individual projects will be.
Take care and many thanks for all the lovely comments about Sophie's birthday!!


Molly said...

If that had not been so frustrating it would have been funny!! I'm glad they sent the fine back.

Tulip~Rose Quilt Shoppe said...

Wow....if that had been our State you probably would not have heard back at all! and they would have kept the fine!!
I have sent you an email..I am having some computer if you dont get it email me at seems to be the only one working at the moment.
Just thought that I would leave you a note here so that you know I have not dropped off the face of the earth...
Have a great week

Chocolate Cat said...

Great to have a win! Doesn't happen often enough.

flossyblossy said...

Good for you for getting it back!!
I need to give you a shout next time i get a parking ticket!! :-)

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