Sunday, 15 November 2009

Lastest Quilt Block..

I have actually had this block made ages ago and I am a little behind in that I have not made the next yet. Work has gone nuts and our building project takes some of my time at the weekends. Sewing during these dark evenings are tricky with matching fabric etc.
Anyway here is the next offering...

This time the owner of the quilt asked if we could create a block that said a little about ourselves and maybe where we came from/live.

So I managed to find some fabric that showed some of the things that are me or that I like.

*My sewing machine

*I love making pincushions (you can never have too many of them!)

*Buttons and ribbons

*Lots of cups of tea with some cupcakes! (I love making cupcakes and icing them with an icing bag and shaped nozzles)

I put a cream edging around these quite highly coloured pictures and then another edging of Cornish Tartan which shows where I live! Quite straight forward this time I thought and I am happy with the way it turned out. I have the next waiting to be done but I know how I am going to tackle it and then it shall be sent off.

Our building project is moving along nicely but I think that now I shall wait until it is finished then show you an album of pictures to show what we did. All I will say is that it is just as well that we are not at home for the start of Christmas this year!!

Take care and be back tomorrow.



West Michigan Quilter said...

This is such a cute block. You did a great job telling about you. Great idea for the Tartan trim!

jayne said...

Hiya loving your work you are very talented x We are running a £ month DT call and theres a category for home decor/sewing have a look

Primrose Corner said...

Love the block. You did well to find all those pieces of fabric showing the things you love to do. Maybe you need to find a piece now that'll reflect your lovely sunny disposition. Then you'll have a block that really does reflect you.

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