Friday, 27 November 2009

Knitting Club..the first make.

You all remember a few posts back me mentioning that two of us had set up a small knitting club with the youngest students (by student request) We started off with 4 and it has increased to 6 already. As you know my knitting is not at a particularly high level but my colleague can read patterns etc so together I think we have it covered. I do like small, simple and quick projects so a few little booklets that I have collected as freebies with knitting mags has proven to be very useful.
So here is the first completed item from the knitting group. Ele the knitted finger puppet!! It went smoothly first time and her creator is delighted!

There are other versions which can be tried, including a pig, penguin and dog. All of the other students are in the middle of projects that they started at home and intend to finish with us. Then we shall progress onto bigger items.
Sophie is picked up by Dad and is dropped off at my school so that she can come along as well! She has made a few little bits, but she has also started a much bigger item which is very nearly done and will be featured here too.
It may be a small group, but they are keen.
Have a good weekend xx.


Carol VR said...

Wow, I remember when the hospitals used to give out finger puppets to the children when they took bloodwork.

Oh how I wish I knew how to acquire the pattern for these.

Great work!

wonderwoman said...

that is just brilliant! you must be well chuffed with them all,

Fenland Textile Studio said...

They have done really well. I love the elephant. I'm just about to tackle knitting with some very young mums! Hope you are well

silverpebble said...

That little elephant is wonderful - I thought you had made it at first - it's extra fabulous that little ones knitted these up!

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